Paddle Blade Dryer

  • Paddle Blade Dryer

  • 【Effective Volume】:0.06-9.46m³
  • 【Power】:2.2-90KW
  • 【Heat Source】:Coal oil natural gas timber.
  • 【Application】:Drying particles powder and paste material.
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Paddle blade dryer is one kind of heat conduction based horizontal mixing and drying equipment. The required amount of heat for this equipment is rely on the indirect heating of heat conduction so the air is not required or only little air is required in the drying process to take the moisture away which greatly reduce the heat waste being taken away by the air and the utilization of heat is improved it’s one kind of energy saving dryer and suitable for drying particles powder and paste material.
KJG hollow paddle blade dryer is one kind of low-speed mixing type and continuous indirect heating equipment to conduct heat to dry (chill-down) materials by the hollow blade of sector structure. There are two pieces of parallel rotation axes of mounted staggered blades in the jacket structure cylinder of tis equipment many pieces of hollow blade of sector structure mounted on each axis staggered by a certain interval there are two kinds of blades (feeding shear plane and return shear surface) the axes rotate at low speed. The hot medium enters into the hollow rotary axes and blades through the rotary joint installed at the end of the rotating axes be dried after heating which will be discharged out of dryer through the rotary joint. In addition the hot medium will be led into the jacket structure. Materials will be fed constantly through the feeding end and which will be stirred and mixed through blades and materials will be dried through heat conduction between the blades and jacket structure at the same time and materials will be discharged while it’s being heated. The retention time can be adjusted by changing the height of the overflow weir. The raw materials will be fed into the dryer and will be conveyed the discharge port to be discharged out through the hollow paddle blades. The materials will be stirred by the hollow paddle blades during the conveying process meanwhile which will be dried through evaporation by the simultaneous heating of the hollow paddle blades and jacket structure with high thermal efficiency. The continuously variable transmission is adopted and connects with the gear box in this dryer 5-20rpm the rotation speed can be adjusted according to material properties. The air is being exhausted from exhaust vent.
Technical Parameters
Model Heat transfer area(m2) Effective volume(m3) Rotary speed
Overall dimension
KJG3 3 0.06 15-30 2.2 2972×736×762
KJG9 9 0.32 10-25 4 4876×841×838
KJG13 13 0.59 10-25 5.5 5486×1066×1092
KJG18 18 1.09 10-20 7.5 5918×1320×1270
KJG29 29 1.85 10-20 11 6808×1474×1524
KJG41 41 2.8 10-20 15 7570×1676×1778
KJG52 52 3.96 10-20 30 8306×1854×2032
KJG68 68 5.21 10-20 45 9296×2134×2362
KJG81 81 6.43 5-15 55 9678×2286×2464
KJG95 95 8.07 5-15 75 9704×2438×2566
KJG110 110 9.46 5-10 90 9880×2668×2668

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