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  • Fuel gas burner is a device to burn gas fuel stably, then release heat energy.

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Equipment Introduction
Fuel gas burner is a device to burn gas fuel stably, then release heat energy.
According to the fuel it can be divided into natural gas burner, gas burner, liquefied petroleum gas burner, biogas burner, etc.
According to the combustion control mode it is divided into single phase fire burner, double phases fire burner, proportional control burner, etc.
Working Principle
When the combustible gas gets into the combustion head of the burner controlled by the microcomputer control system as per the program control, it will be mixed with primary air and start the ignition combustion, and the full combustion will be realized through the combustion-supporting of the secondary air. The combustion condition is detected and controlled by flame automatic tracking system, when burning failure (lack of oxygen in combustion chamber, insufficient pressure of combustible gas, combustible gas blanking, insufficient air flow, etc.) occurs, the electromagnetic valve of gas supply system shuts down quickly once the control system issues instructions, and the power supply of gas will be cut off, and the burner stops after purging automatically, the failure will be indicated.
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