Rotary Dryer Installation

Date:2017-06-19 16:05From:unknowAuthor:admin
The dryer is installed according to the technical requirements of the drawing, at the same time, in the following requirements.
1.Before installation of spare parts inspection: before installation the cylinder, gear, carrier roller, transmission parts, and other important parts should be quality inspected, any injury and deformation should be according to the requirements in advance for repairs.
2.The clear of combination: the combination surface of the combination parts will be cleaned first, especially roller surface, gear combined surface, then can be assemblied.
3. The gear meshing standard: the transmission part and the cylinder part of the gear meshing is according to standard clearance meshing (0.25 X modulus + (2-3 mm); for example the dryerΦ1500 the modulus is 16, 16 X0.25 + 2 = 6 mm), the gear meshing contact spot tooth width direction is 50%-60%, tooth high direction is 45-55%.
4. The rollers and transmission parts installation standard: the rollers axis line and transmission line must keep parallel, the parallel degree allowed error must not be more than 0.3%.
5. Equipment installation requirements on the basis: equipment is on the foundation installed in advance, anchor bolt uses the rapid cement mortar pouring, grouting should fill up, can’t not bump equipment, mat iron and the anchor bolts, prevent the influence of equipment installation precision.
6. Block wheel and roller ring of combined standard: checking the combination situation between block wheel and roller ring (below the block wheel and roller ring outside surface should be flat), if not flat to adjust it on the adjusting bolt outside basis, and reserve 0.5-1 mm gap, consider expansion on heating and contraction on cooling deformation.
7. Commonly used rotary direction is: stand in inlet, the rollers clockwise rotate. But no matter what rotary direction the pinion load force must be downward, big gear upward. Otherwise the rollers increase load, its anchor bolt has up tension, that the anchor bolts or the foundation may be damaged.
8. Checking the tightness of fastening:before trial operation checking each part bolts if there's any loose phenomenon. If loose must be tightened, to ensure regular inspection.
9. Lubrication part of check: rotating parts before leaving the factory, already adding the lubricant, in the process of production must fill lube regularly to ensure the normal production. Pay special attention to without gear oil inside reducer, before trial you must add gear oil (ISO VG220 gear oil) according to grades and liquid level.
(Note: if the material dry or wet degree is different, the user can choose variable speed motor, and adjust the rollers speed, make product quality keep the same degree)